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Production Update - A Lost Hope


The catalyst for this (beta) websites creation is nearing its release. There are just a few items I need to complete first before the release.

1) Complete the supporters only area of the website were extended content can be accessed.

2) Finish compositing last minute renders

3) Complete sound mixing on A Lost Hope (Personal issues drained the expected budget so temp tracks with audio watermarks will now have to be replaced with manually created ones as opposed to stock files)

The member’s area and OCBoon Mag should be released within the next few days (Staying away from specific dates at the moment) and the release of A Lost Hope will follow shortly. I’ll be releasing specific dates ONLY when the complete finished product is in hand.

As mentioned in a recent Patreon post, due to all the delays, anyone who has pledged their support to OCBoon at any point this year will receive access to exclusive content corresponding to their highest support tier (So you don’t need to be a current supporter). However, only current supporters will have access to exclusive/extended content beyond A Lost Hope.

I always expect to have more time than my life actually allows. But falling short of my expectations has helped me realize how to better handle consistent releases moving forward.


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